Sunday, October 14, 2007

Post Industrial Fleet

The Post Industrial Fleet introduces recycling strategies for industrial ships and barges out of duty.

Post Industrial Fleet by CREW*31 in the Venice Architecture Biennale 2004.

Today most of the ships find the end of the line in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh and are demolished under inhuman working conditions and cost of serious local and global pollution. PIF recycles these ships in their countries of origin as fixed platforms for urban waste treatment with in vessel machinery, community spaces and 3D villages. In Denmark alone 31 of its 100 harbor towns are closing down the harbor activities due to centralized mega harbors. PIF reactivates the harbor fronts with water as the new democratic layer of the city. The PIF designs can be applied globally.

Bio-Ship containing urban environmental technology to be plugged into any harbor city.

Without his ships man is just a common ape.

Commissioned by Danish Arts Foundation's Architecture Committee, Denmark

- Venice Biennale 2004

- Taiwan Design Expo 2005

Rebecca Arthy

Christina Sofia Capetillo

Marco Casagrande

Dan Cornelius

Susanne Lund Jensen

Kristine Jensen

Sten Bisgaard Jensen

Lea Andersen

Elina M. Braunstein

Sofie Palm

Martin Metalgod Ross


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