Monday, October 15, 2007

Flesh is More

Nonsense - makes no sense. Can be good to start straight with this, really not trying to do anything. No layers, no aesthetics, no method - no idea. Anyway through serious nonsense you arrive somewhere, relaxed in an accident. God's fool style a jester mocking the king and the church and all the time they find him to be a reasonable man.

So everyboty has now his or her's personal magical item with you. You throw it now to the tunnel. Then you go to the tunnel, and listen to the snorkel.

Fish is real.

Listen to the Snorkel?

A way of living in straight connection with nature and depending on people around you requires some weakness.

- What really happened to Porcupine?
- I don't know. I guess the Zone got to him. One day he returned from the Zone and suddenly got amazingly rich, amazingly rich. Then the next week he hanged himself.

The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart.

Exfiltrate the house of lie and come back to the construction site of eternity.

Tremendous sexual drive and a big ego - brains don't mean a shit.

Yes I agree that it is good for you to fight for revolution, but be aware when you think that you know what the revolution is.

- I for one stand steady with my two feet on the ground.
- You are standing on the roof of the worm.

Without his uniforms man is just a common ape.

- Do you believe in the dictatorship of sensitivity?
- It is purely impossible. Yes.

Choose glamour.

Who Cares Wins.

A possibility is post industrial meditation.

When the modern man looses his connection to the nature, he will die.

- What is the key of art?
- To be present.

When a man is born, he is perfect. In children's play the intensity of being present is total. Nothing compromises the narrative flow of the play. Everybody improvizes relaxed and are connected to cubconscious levels. Then the world gets to us and we start forgetting this. To get the primeval purity into the design process, we must forget the forgetting.

The transformation is almost complete.

Here we are at the threshold. This is the most important moment of your lives. You have to know that here your most cherished wish will come true. The most sincere one. The one reached through suffering.

A bear has hair because it is hairy and not because somebody has decided so.

The economic surrounding don't support kindness. Without kindness there will be no positive results.

Exfiltrate the house of lie and come back to the construction site of eternity.

And that, that is the secret of happiness and virtue - liking what you've got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their inescapable social destiny.

The artist seeks to destroy the stability by which society lives, for the sake of drawing closer to the ideal. Society seeks stability, the artist, infinity.

In today's world it is like this: if you think positive things, good things will happen. If you think negative things, nothing good will happen.

Nature is just a reflection of god. Of course a man can mirror himself on this.

Dream is the sister of death.

The Snorkel. They say he is a child with gray hair, a grandfather with milkteeth.

Real reality is a value that can not be speculated - it is total. Like kindness is just kindness and nothing else - it is total. You can not value kindness by economical or political speculations.

Sinners following their instincts closer to the beat, closer to the origins of MTV and Nokia. To surroundings no longer in connection with nature.

One has to take the liberty to take oneself one thousand years back to realize that the things are the same.

This is this, and this ain's something else, but this is this.

We must find a strong sense of other layers of reality than material. If so, death is a beautiful end to begin a new life. But if we are stressed by running after money and materia, stress for stress' sake, death is a defeat, bankrupcy.

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