Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Most Human Place

What is the most human place you can think of?
Christian Edlinger, arch. student, Weimar / Jollas, Helsinki!

* Underground stations with the smell of fresh pancakes and cinnamon rolls
* Castles collected and put align to form streets
* Bricolage cafes in orange tents
* The scent of burnt birch wood in the air
* Views leading outsidet
* Whole night buss sings "In excelsis deo" at 2 a.m.
* Street musicians, fried potatoes and masses of people in the streets at 3 a.m., in -15C
* Summer sun
* The glorious amount of silent joy in the people
* Spring comes late, but then!

Cover of the Human - free newspaper for the London Architecture Biennale 2004, C-Laboratory.

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