Thursday, October 18, 2007

Artist Statement

August Kunnapu
* Themes that I like are the same as in real life - movies, medicine, literature, music, sports and architecture
* In my paintings I try to describe the world as it is - without making it more beautiful or frightful
* As a source of inspiration I use various black-and-white photos - either taken by me, friends or total strangers
* I mostly paint pure and simple images
* I like to use clear colours - otherwise the images would not be so distinct
* I love images that are dynamic and full of action, but sometimes I also make static paintings
* It is nice to use different format in different places - everything from tiny canvases in cosy coffee shops to huge wall paintings in oil shale factories
* Sometimes I make experiments with different boards - doors of gas stoves, washboards, tv -screens, cupboards or green houses
* I never make sketches or copies of my paintings
* Dislocation in art seems to be an interesting theme

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