Sunday, October 14, 2007


Alang in the Gujarat state of India by the Arabian Sea is the biggest ship wrecking center of the World. Ships from all over the world end up here and will be beached during the full moon when the tide is the highest. Up to 40.000 men break the ships and recycle everything. The main engines will power factories and the smaller engines pump water in the Indian farms.

- See the video Alang Ship Recycling Street

Ropes, cargo nets, bolts, electricity installations, cables, books, uniforms, kitchen ware, kitchens, washing machines, gym equipment, windows, mirrors, asbestos, sheet metal, life vests, life boats, furniture, light bolts, lamps, log books, soap, radios, manuals, pipes, toilet seats, doors, wall paneling and everything else from the ships are sold on a 10 km long road strting from Alang.

The neighboring city Bhavnagar has a constant ship scrap market for further repairing and recycling of ball bearings, engines etc.

- See the video Bhavnagar Ship Scrap Market

The 40.000 men in Alang come from the poorest areas of India and are locked into the beach and work and live in extremely bad conditions. Every day a man dies from a working accident. Estimated 25% will get cancer from asbestos or other hazardous waste. There is no women allowed in Alang and the AIDS rate is the highest in India. Nobody smiles in Alang beach. The smiling starts after the closed gates.

- See the video Bhavnagar Ship Scrap Street After Dark

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