Thursday, October 18, 2007

Antti's message


I would like to forward you Antti’s message concerning our garden. He pretty much underlines the Eternal elements and I believe this is good to share with you and you should understand.



I like the swings. Pendelum. Time. Sinus -> circle. Too much linear movement in the garden and too little swinging.

Vegetation and water is not part of the message. Why should one do anything if one cannot say something (art…). We are living times where bullshit and NOT NECESSARY decoration should not be needed. The sharp edge of a message is the essential part of things. Besides this one should remember the location of the exhibitions space. Courage is part of the picture. Open the eyes. Mankind seems to be in a hurry. Still again, wee do not necessarily have to give up the gift of life. I hope so. (correct me by all means if I am wrong)…


Of course there might be even a better way to get the elements highlighted. But swing. Man as part of time and as a prisoner. This is important. No?

I DO THINK you are on a right track. As I hope to be too. One must grab to the fragments of real reality though the shit tries to blur the screen.
Real reality is and tolerates observing in time and space.

I carry the thinking with me. So more will become…

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