Sunday, October 7, 2007

AK/MC interview

August Künnapu interviewing Marco Casagrande

No mysteries here. Everything is very simple and still we are more simple to ignore the simple truth. Now the time is somehow unique, since we have finally gained the tools to destroy thsi all - or at least ourselves. Degeneration is happening. Nature will win. The big question is, if the human nature will still be part of nature.

It is fascinating how we are turning into space ships operating in a vacuum. I miss the Medieval times. Luckily among us is still people having the tools to bring us back there. We could try the dictatorship of sensitivity for a while. Not hippie, but fascist way.

Great place. If London takes the Human Layer, it can change the world. London is the world.

The presence of accident of possibility of accident is one of the driving forces of humanity and circus displays this in a pure way. This presence is lacking in architecture and urban planning in general having the design replacing reality. In the end architects, artists and humanists should be the ones sensitive enough to feel the real realities of human life and show the horizon, but they are too serious. Circus is not serious in academic ways. I believe circus has a chance. I live in a circus. My family is a circus family. My work is commedia dell architettura.

Clean country living: vodka and incest. The city is degenerating the countryside aswell.

Cube is good. I like the paradox of total control - like in Zen garden or with the cube. It gives the important possibility of making mistakes and losing control.

Red is better. And black. White is good too. No other colours.

Interesting phenomena. People are very happy pissing on trees and urinating on streets. Bathroom is quite a narsistic setting, nothing wrong with that. The dignity unit.

I am too weak to wear any jewelery myself, yet, but the time may come. Necklace brings into my mind violent and pornographic atmospheres.

Garbage is as vital as bread. When in our work we find solutions for recycling material we are safe. This must be scaled up to a total megastructure of recycling, there is no other way. War is nothing, pollution is inhuman, disgustingly unnatural and stupid. In the garbage can be found the future of human kind. City must be a compost.

Commedia Dell Arte is the king of drama. And the marionets. Straight interface to dream world and subconscious. I think the politicians should only act pantomime way. This way all the nations would be one and wise.

Estonia is a very fine country. You have still the dramatics of fastly growing and active creature. This kind of atmosphere is very important for all the world. Soon you will start degenerating too. Be clever to attack now.

Every man has creativity and every man is very clever to enderstand art. For this reason the dictatorship of sensitivity can happen. You can't lear creativity just learn to accept it and not to corrupt your initial feeling.

All the human life must be in close connection with eternity. One must be able to take the liberty to go one thousand years back to realize the things are the same. Future is the big question, how long will the eternity last for us.

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