Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Socialist

Build now. Talk abaut the design later.

In the morning at 1:47 a.m, 9/21, 1999, Taiwan suffered from a major earthquake. The epicenter was located in Jip-Jip, Nan-Tou County in the middle of Taiwan - the region where many of the aboriginal tribes have withdrawn from the dominating Han Chinese.

Where as the farming and urban Han received disaster relief from the central government much of the aboriginals were left outside the rehabilitation activities.

Since year 2000 Hsieh Ying-Chun has been activating, training and employing the social outcast aboriginals to form teams of construction workers to regenerate their original societies outside the damaging cities. The aboriginal tribesmen are building their own houses and their own villages. The materials and building methods used are highly cost effective and ecological.

Hsieih is the last socialist in the Republic of China.

E-mail from Hsieh 13.5.2006 18:44:

Tian-Huw tribe resettlement will move in recently. The collaborative construction team set up in December, 2000. Most of the members are unemployed, handicapped or alcoholic aboriginal young people. However, they build more than 300 houses until now.

Hsieh Ying Chun

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