Sunday, October 14, 2007

Letter from Tallinn Prison

by Andrus Elbing

The court, the law,
the lawyers, the roll,
guilty of the judge,
no on parole.
The convoy, the cops,
the bars, the locks,
the prison, the blocs,
they hold,
my physical body in the
concrete box.

The gangs, the shots,
the gunmans from the east
and western blocks.
the robbers, the killers,
the smugglers, the dealers,
the troubles, thrillers,
the illusion bubbles,
for the moms and children.
The drugs, the speed,
the crack, the weed,
the management sowed
hatefulness seed.

The killing, the fighting,
the beating, the knifing,
the hypocrite snake biting,
of god, you see that shit,
but you aint listening.

The snitchers, the rats,
the workers, the plants,
torpedos, the tanks,
you want some drugs,
no thanks.
The thiefs,
the housebreakers,
the burglars, the rakers,
the lovers, the haters,
the system is
totally faithless.
The tuberculosis, HIV,
the AIDS, all STDs.
The guard, the business,
the bribe, the greediness,
money talks,
all other things is nonsense,
but hey,
were is the bitches.
The fags, the suckers,
the perverts, the fuckers,
the system has,
many skeletons
in the lockers.
The darkness, but I see,
the silence, but I hear,
no air, but I breathe,
no life, but I live,
no god,
but I still believe...

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