Monday, October 15, 2007

Imperialism of Pollution

Time again for Revolution. Class struggle and imperialism are still here, Soviet Union went down. The Big Oil is here. Before the men were killed by death, now we just fade away. The enemy is grey. Chemical warfare, World War 1 style. Silent, but massive. The final solution.

Map of the World. Marco Casagrande, 2008.

Who can afford not to pollute their own land will buy the pollution to go abroad. China is a good place to pollute. The goods come back in time. People can still die in masses Mao style to fuel the industry. Metropolis, Moloch, money for the few. Locked behind the Himalayas and the Gobi. Nobody knows. They all know the money of course.

Falling Leaf. Marco Casagrande, 2007.

So the three headed dragon eats it all away. USA, China and Russia. Russia though barely surviving to the others. But China and US, yes the mad twins. One has to obey, China doesn’t need to, but the others. Russia survives somehow. Capitalism is gone, industrialism is gone, now the Nazi Pollution.

Pollutionsraum. They even took away the 80’s. Now it’s just grey. Straight forward war. Good time to occupy the moon.

Banyan Domination. Marco Casagrande, 2007.

Who will win – China or USA? If China produces and US consumes, China will win. But the US is in China already and the Chinese have been in US forever. Is it the fusion then – the Pacific King Kong thing? China and America being one? Now you can go, where people are one.

Sanjhih. Marco Casagrande, 2007.

Maybe Africa will survive, because it is so goddamn poor and not interesting. The diamond deal will fade away some day anyway and then it’s just the shit huts again. Osama Bin Laden in Sudan bottling water and thinking of chewing gums, cooking up some explosives and feeling eunuch, because he knows he can’t win. Maybe he can win Africa? Good people around him. Muammar Gaddafi, the Jews. They need him. The rest don’t give a shit. It only makes us stronger if he blows up things in Mid-West. And he knows it. Poor bastard.

Part of Nature. Marco Casagrande, 2007.

Europe, who the hell knows? We can consume all right. Maybe it will go just fine. Yes, but the new world order. The pollution will sort out the population problem in Asia. No more war needed, or maybe they can have some wars. China has land enough; I guess places to breathe too. And the one son policy bringing up the chosen generation of bullies who have had it all. And will. The masses, they will carry the family’s only son back to the forbidden city, the Club of the Sons. Taiwan being quite wealthy in the neighbor, but can unfortunately drown in its own shit. Anyway being the laboratory of the China-American new way.

What’s all this about the new way? No more mocking on China. And where is the money? Give it to us. We need it to save you from yourself.


And the Russians. Behind their cold as always. Waiting for the shit to hit the fan and then relax big time and flourish. Maybe they will buy America – the China-American Czar. Fucking hell. He is the chosen one.

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